[Snort-users] RE: Problems logging to syslog and mysql simultaneously

Steven Williams Steven.Williams at ...4864...
Wed Jun 19 19:33:02 EDT 2002

I've had exactly the same problem with my setup.

I can get snort to log to either Syslog locally or remotely, but not at the
same time as logging to the remote database.

I've tried both the -s options on the command line, and also Michaels
suggestions within snort.conf, but it will only let me have one or the
other, and the -s option does turn on or off the syslog option. Changing any
parameters with snort.conf don't seem to make any difference.

This is with snort 1.8.7-MySQL-Win32 Build 121 on W2K Server, using Kiwi
Syslog Server Ver 6.4.9. I am logging remotely to another W2K server also
running the same version of Kiwi and MySql 3.23.40. 


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