[Snort-users] OT queries on acid in confusion...

John Sage jsage at ...2022...
Wed Jun 19 06:10:06 EDT 2002


For me: Linux 2.2.14, snort 1.8.4, mysql Ver 11.13 Distrib 3.23.36,

I have seen similar weirdnesses, posted questions twice at least, and
received no response.

What I've seen in particular:

1) No obvious sort order to a query, even when the query was run with a
specific sort order invoked;

2) When the sort order *does* work, or when the query results are
sorted in a different order, the sort order is often lost when
emailing either a summary or full details of the query;

3) About 50% of the time, when a query is started via the "Query DB"
button, -> even though all the criteria are valid <- the query will
not take place and I get dumped back out to the query input screen,
with all criteria deleted (it's as though I've asked to start a query
for the first time..)

I like ACID *when it works*, but there do seem to be some inexplicable
oddnesses going on...

- John
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On Tue, Jun 18, 2002 at 06:33:07PM -0400, Jon Quiros wrote:
> os x, snort 1.8.6, mysql, and acid 9.6b20 and things are good except
for when i run a query that spans multiple pages.  the results make
sense on the first page but when i switch to any of the remaining
result pages the listings are real but from an "any for anything"
criteria, as if the criteria isn't being passed or the "found set"
info isn't preserved...
> does this ring a bell or does anyone have ideas as to where i should look to solve it?
> thanks!
> Jon Quirós
> -...and father time must be the richest man that never did exist...

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