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There are a couple of ways of starting Snort at startup.  Before you try any of them, start Snort from the command line with all of the same arguments and make sure it works.  If your arguments are all right, and ps shows snort running, then... 
You can start Snort using a cron job.  Just place the command-line arguments in your crontab and use the @reboot directive.  You could also create a script, place it in you sbin, etc. and call that from the crontab.  Personal preference...
You should also be able to start from rc.d, etc. by creating a properly formatted startup script.  Haven't tried the rc method on OpenBSD, but I would assume it's similar to FreeBSD.  Just create snort.sh (call it what you want) and ensure that file permissions are 755, and it should fire.  The most common problem with both is folks failing to chmod the script and make it executable.

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	Ok, a real stupid one.
	I'm running OpenBSD, Snort is alright.
	I thought that adding to /etc/rc:
	snort -de -D -A fast -c /var/snort/snort.conf etc. etc.
	would start it at boot time but it doesn't seem so. Is there another way
	to start it automatically after a reboot, or do you think it's something
	else that prevents it from happening?
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