[Snort-users] WinPcap 2.3 and Win2k

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I installed using the procedure for Win32/Apache/ACID on the SiliconDefense
website and the links it provided to the installer.  Snort was installed by
extracting it and copying to the requested directories.  WinPcap was an
installer and I didn't see any errors on install.  Now for what it's worth,
I also ran the Windows Update feature and put all the latest security
patches on Win2000.
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I don't know what in the heck is going on as there are a LOT of people
having this problem. How did you install Snort? Did you use an installer?
Did you manually install Snort and WinPcap? I've fixed a multitude of these
errors in the past couple of weeks.
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I'm setting up a new install of Snort on Win2k and I'm getting the "ERROR:
OpenPcap( ) device open: Error opening adapter: Overlapped I/O operation is
in progress.  Fatal Error, Quitting.."
The FAQ says this can be due to an old incompatible, or uninstalled version
of WinPcap.  I'm using 2.3 and the install appears to be running
successfully. Is there any way I can check to make sure it is, or is this
already a known issue?
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