[Snort-users] Tying alerts to hostnames?

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On my Windows network @home I simply set my sniffer box to use the DHCP
server as it's primary DNS server and it matches hostnames locally quite


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On Mon, Jun 17, 2002 at 03:05:32PM -0500, Scott Phippen wrote:
> Is it possible for Snort to resolve and log the hostname in addition to
> IP address at the time an alert is triggered? On a network where IPs
> are changing as workstations come on and off the network, logging just the
> IP makes it difficult to trace back alerts (in particular some of the
> policy.rules) to the correct workstation. If not, maybe someone could
> some suggestions on how they are tying the alerts to particular
> users/workstations in a DHCP environment where leases change frequently.
> Thanks in advance!!!
> Running Snort 1.8.3/MySQL 3.23.43/Acid 0.9.6b17 on Win2000.

um...  oops.

Despite your getting two "nopes" from  the inestimable Chris Green and
Erek Adams, I was going to suggest that you might be able to get close
to what you need with Dan Swan's snort2html.pl -- see:


But then I noticed that you're on Window$ and I think my answer just
became "nope", too..

Just for the record, snort2html.pl reads alerts out of /var/log/syslog
on Linux and writes to a web page. Dan's script does do host name
lookups from the IP's; if you did a real fast refresh rate it'd be
kinda close-ish to real time, kinda..

'course it's rebuilding the web page from zero at each refresh, so
when it gets biggish, you might end up trying to refresh before you
had all the names resolved.

I was refreshing once a minute, and it would handle several hundred
alerts with no sweat; then again, name resolution was coming from my
local, caching-only nameserver, so I only had to go to the outside
world once for each new IP...

Never mind. I'll stop babbling, now.

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