[Snort-users] Tying alerts to hostnames? - Windowz Tools

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Tue Jun 18 06:55:10 EDT 2002

ping -a <ipaddr>  will perform a IP to Host resolution.

The perl script mentioned below should run fine on Windowz, just go out and
download ActivePerl.


Also if you like TCL, you can throw together a "Tickle" script to grab the
ip and perform a host lookup.


You can get a windows binary of host and whois from (plus a lot of other


Select the file: INET32UT.ZIP

Also for those Windowz users out there, you can get many more binaries that
have been ported from the *nix platform at:


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> Scott:
> On Mon, Jun 17, 2002 at 03:05:32PM -0500, Scott Phippen wrote:
> >
> > Is it possible for Snort to resolve and log the hostname in addition to
> > IP address at the time an alert is triggered? On a network where IPs
> > are changing as workstations come on and off the network, logging just
> > IP makes it difficult to trace back alerts (in particular some of the
> > policy.rules) to the correct workstation. If not, maybe someone could
> > some suggestions on how they are tying the alerts to particular
> > users/workstations in a DHCP environment where leases change frequently.
> > Thanks in advance!!!
> >
> > Running Snort 1.8.3/MySQL 3.23.43/Acid 0.9.6b17 on Win2000.
> um...  oops.
> Despite your getting two "nopes" from  the inestimable Chris Green and
> Erek Adams, I was going to suggest that you might be able to get close
> to what you need with Dan Swan's snort2html.pl -- see:
> http://www.memeticcandiru.com/software/snort2html
> But then I noticed that you're on Window$ and I think my answer just
> became "nope", too..
> Just for the record, snort2html.pl reads alerts out of /var/log/syslog
> on Linux and writes to a web page. Dan's script does do host name
> lookups from the IP's; if you did a real fast refresh rate it'd be
> kinda close-ish to real time, kinda..
> 'course it's rebuilding the web page from zero at each refresh, so
> when it gets biggish, you might end up trying to refresh before you
> had all the names resolved.
> I was refreshing once a minute, and it would handle several hundred
> alerts with no sweat; then again, name resolution was coming from my
> local, caching-only nameserver, so I only had to go to the outside
> world once for each new IP...
> Never mind. I'll stop babbling, now.
> - John
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