[Snort-users] Curse of the cmd.exe

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I am using sec, a Perl based correlation engine to allow me to correlate
events detected by snort and/or from other engines. I make sure all the
events I am interested in are reported to syslog (from wherever they are
detected, in your case snort and httpd) then use sec to track the

For sec see:-



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I was wondering if there is any way to alter a signature (maybe by using the
dynamic rules?) to have it record when a cmd.exe attempt on port 80 is
followed by the server's 200 OK ?

It seems pointless to me, to log 10,000 cmd.exe attempts from outside hosts,
when you don't know what the actual outcome was..  Sure, you have to go to
your webserver logs to find out the real result, but, with all the Nimda /
Codered still going on..   That makes for a very long day of log searching.

Does anyone have suggestions for a solution?  Is there one?  It seems like
it should be really easy to do.. in theory..



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