[Snort-users] Installing Snort on Win 2K

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Check this out! Should be everything you need to get it up and running.
Not sure why you are getting g the errors, but we can sure troubleshoot
it if ya want.


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I realize this is a newbie question but I am trying to install Snort 
1.8.5 on a Win2K pro machine on my home network.  and am getting 
problems with finding certain files it looks for ie. Alert.ids, in 
addition when I send it to alertmail.ids it seems happy (satisfied) 
with that but when I test configuration I get a Error msg:

Error:  Openpcap device() open:
		error opening adapter
Fatal error quiting.

Any ideas what causes this and if there is somewhere where I can find 
documentation on installing snort on WIN2K  I seem to be able to find 
a plethora of info for flavors of unices.


Raoul Armfield
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