[Snort-users] Installing Snort on Win 2K

Rodney Wise sctech29169 at ...131...
Mon Jun 17 14:36:03 EDT 2002

I am getting the same error message and have not been able to figure it out.
Unless we need to specify the MAC address of the NIC. If so how do you find
this on Win 2K?

I am also looking for information on how to integrate SNORT with a Win 2k
friendly database like MS Access for reporting.

Rodney Wise

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I realize this is a newbie question but I am trying to install Snort
1.8.5 on a Win2K pro machine on my home network.  and am getting
problems with finding certain files it looks for ie. Alert.ids, in
addition when I send it to alertmail.ids it seems happy (satisfied)
with that but when I test configuration I get a Error msg:

Error:  Openpcap device() open:
		error opening adapter
Fatal error quiting.

Any ideas what causes this and if there is somewhere where I can find
documentation on installing snort on WIN2K  I seem to be able to find
a plethora of info for flavors of unices.

Raoul Armfield
Support Specialist
mailto:armfield at ...6104...
Central Park West at 79th Street
New York, NY, 10024


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