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You can restrict all IP's if you are using IIS. This is not documented
in my walk thru for Snort on Acid using IIS here:


You can deny all except localhost if you're using Apache. This is
documented in my online walk thru for Snort on Acid using Apache here:


Both of those are absolute, nobody gets in from the outside.

I can give you an absolute for IIS if you want that?

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	Afternoon Michael -

Let me commend you on the instruction set. It really helped during my
install of Snort on

One question. Is there an issue with the username and password combo
snort / snort? Not
being too terribly familiar with mysql, is there a way to ensure that no
one can connect
to the database except from the localhost or console? Or would you
simply recommend
removing the snort user and creating my own?

Thanks for your thoughts,


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