[Snort-users] OT E-mail Viruses

Madziarczyk, Jonathan than at ...3657...
Fri Jun 14 08:40:07 EDT 2002

Hey all,
  So I've got my snort rules set up to alert on possible Klez Viruses (as
well as other e-mail transferred viruses, like Code Red, etc).  That seems
to be working pretty well.  As expected, I do seem to be missing some resets
via flexresp and I'd prefer not to use it anyway just to avoid blocking
false positives.  Is there a product out there that works well at blocking
inbound/outbound viruses on e-mail?  I'm trying to find something that works
on both straight SMTP (unix and listservs) and ESMTP (Exchange).  So what do
the experts (you) recommend?
Hopefully this e-mail won't get anyone drunk today. ;-p
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