[Snort-users] error initializing the network interface on win2k

cwhite cwhite at ...6062...
Thu Jun 13 18:57:12 EDT 2002

i have installed the current win32 snort binary with winpcap 2.3 on 
windows 2000 advanced server (dual cpu), and when i try to run snort i 
get the following error:

Initializing Network Interface
ERROR: OpenPcap() device  open:
        Error opening adapter: l¦=w ¦=w    +
Fatal Error, Quitting..

from what i've found out the current version of winpcap doesn't work on 
dual cpu system, so i tried installing both version 2 and 2.1 hoping it 
would work, then end result is the same error as above

(if they had only listened to me and put db2 on linux they wouldn't have 
needed a dual cpu system to run win2k with db2, but that's another 
story... :-) )

does anyone know how i can get this running without disabling the 2nd cpu?

many thanks

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