[Snort-users] Count option WAS smtp rcpt to overflow

Greg Wright greg at ...5676...
Thu Jun 13 17:44:17 EDT 2002

I have been trying to use Snort to help us deal with a 'Joe Job' style
spam attack. (A domain we host was used as the From address for a spam
run that has meant that we are receiving all the undeliverables -- all 1
million+ and counting - over 6Gb easily)

One of the things that would be really great was if snort could deal
with a rule if it was seen 'x' number of times within a certain
timeframe. Kinda like the portscan stuff I guess.

Just an idea while I was playing with Snort a few nights ago.


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> 'SMTP RCPT TO' overflow is buffer overflow for Lotus Sevrers. I have

<snip> (maybe there should be added some "count option" for such
to these rules.)

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