[Snort-users] [ANN] HenWen 1.0 for Snort

Nick Zitzmann nickzman at ...3027...
Thu Jun 13 15:42:07 EDT 2002

I released HenWen 1.0 earlier today. We're out of beta now; this 
version is ready to run in production environments.

You can download it directly here: 
<http://home.attbi.com/~rickzman/software/HenWen1.0.sit.bin> Or 
you can copy it from my public iDisk folder (nickzman).

 From the manual: HenWen is a network security package for Mac OS 
X that makes it easy to configure and run Snort, a free Network 
Intrusion Detection System (NIDS). HenWen's goal is to simplify 
setting up and maintaining software that will scan network 
traffic for undesirable traffic a firewall may not block. 
Everything you need to have is bundled in; there is no compiling 
or command line use necessary.

HenWen also comes with LetterStick, a real-time Snort alert 
monitor and processor. LetterStick can immediately warn you if 
Snort suspects someone is trying to hack into your Mac, it can 
E-Mail alerts, and it also provides some statistics.

HenWen requires Mac OS X 10.1.4 for PPP connections, and 10.0 
for other types of connections. I'd like to do a Linux port, but 
I haven't yet successfully compiled GNUstep for Linux...

Nick Zitzmann
ICQ: 22305512

Check out my software page: http://homepage.mac.com/nickzman/

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