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Very cool!  That's perfect.  That's just about perfect!  I only have one
sensor box (public (read-only) and private ports).  Thanks!!

Thanks to Steven Scott for putting the document together!

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I'm using Snort + MySQL + ACID for monitoring my network and it's pretty
straight forward to use and implement. One of the users on this list
wrote some nice documentation on how he got the ACID set up and working.
You can find the documentation at http://home.earthlink.net/~sjscott007/
. Although I didn't use this documentation, I did look it over and it
seemed pretty through. Of course, I'm assuming that you're going to be
using the Linux distribution. I'm not using the windows so if you're
planning on using that that particular document won't apply.


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I've gotten seriously out of the loop on Snort for awhile.  I use it
often but it's installed in the "dump to syslog" mode and then the
file is monitored.

What's the latest on a web-based front-end?  I'm putting a box in place
would like a nice graphical front end.  How big a deal is getting Snort
MySQL running?  I have 1.8.6 running.


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