[Snort-users] I need some serious help

Erek Adams erek at ...577...
Tue Jun 11 11:43:02 EDT 2002

On Tue, 11 Jun 2002, Don wrote:

> thats the problem, snort is setup for tcpdump, i cannot replay the dump
> files, it gives an error, reading the files in an editor reveals there are a
> number of codered scans, and apparently something in the code prevents the
> playback, using the command line
> snort -dr snort.log -c c:\extract\snort.conf -l c:\extract\log
> snort is restarted daily, creating 0606 at ...6048... 0607 at ...6048..., and
> so on, i copy the logs to/from a remote system and play them back to get the
> alerts and log structure for parsing and investigation, these particular
> files from just this system, when i go to rename them to snort.log for the
> extraction process, it says in use, cannot be renamed, and the file then
> self-deletes. weird i say.

Well...  From reading between the lines and guessing:

	You're on a Win32 system--I'm sorry.
	If you're snorting on a *NIX box and bringing the capture files over,
be sure you use the right transfer mode.

Other things that aren't even guessable:

	What error?  You say you have an error, but _what_ is it?
	File in use?  Did you _stop_ snort from running?  If not, it's still
got the file descriptor open, and you can't really do too much with that on a
Win32 system.
	How are you running snort?
	What version of Snort?  1.8.6 is latest release, 1.8.7beta6 is the
current beta.
	What's in your snort.conf?
	Have you tried just running it as 'snort -vader <filename>' just to
make sure the data is valid?  If that works, then your problem is in your
config file.


Erek Adams

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