[Snort-users] solaris 8 compile

Roger grunky at ...6031...
Mon Jun 10 12:25:11 EDT 2002


I'm attempting to compile snort and an running into some problems.  I'm
compiling with the following line

./configure --with-snmp

during the config process it says that snmp headers were unable to be
found, specifically snmp.h.  Searching around shows the snmp headers are
in /usr/local/ucd-snmp/include/ucd-snmp

So I tried 

./configure --with-snmp includedir=/usr/local/ucd-snmp/include/ucd-snmp


env CPPFLAGS=-I/usr/local/ucd-snmp/include/ucd-snmp LDFLAGS=-s ./configure

Still the same result.  Does anyone have any suggestions to tell snort to
look in that directory for those headers.


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