[Snort-users] Compilation Error

Alwin Raymundo alrayworld at ...131...
Mon Jun 10 06:59:05 EDT 2002

Hi Everyone,

I just downloaded the snort-stable-snapshot.tar.gz and
I compiled with ./configure --with-mysql and it went
fine by the time the put the command make this is what
I got.

  automake --foreign  Makefile
aclocal.m4: 153: `AM_PROG_INSTALL' is obsolete; use
aclocal.m4: 154: `AM_PROG_INSTALL' is obsolete; use
aclocal.m4: 307: `AM_PROG_INSTALL' is obsolete; use
make: *** [Makefile.in] Error 1

Does anyone encounter this problem before if so please
guide me on this.  I went to google to find any
newsnet for this problem on snort but no avail.

My linux box is redhat 7.0 with autoconf-2.53-5.

any help would be highly appreciated.


Alwin Raymundo

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