[Snort-users] snort not logging

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Sun Jun 9 17:36:03 EDT 2002


Please give an example of the using "snort -c <your config path/file> ".
Like this? "/usr/local/aris-sensor/snort -c
/usr/local/aris-sensor/snort.conf". When I do this snort initializes but
what should I see?

If I do a snort -vde I do get ARP request, so I am seeing some kind of
traffic from the outside interface, but if I do the same thing on the fw box
I see everything TCP UDP ICMP and ARP traffic flying bye. The ifconfig for
the snort interface is not showing promiscuous mode only Up Running
Multicast.  When I tail the messsages file when I start snort it says eth0:
Promiscuous mode enabled but it does complain about OpenPcap( ) device eth0
network lookup: ^Ieth0: no IPv4 address assigned. There seems to be a

Any suggestions

Thanks in advance for your help.

Steve Nutt
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On Sat, 2002-06-08 at 15:01, steve nutt wrote:

> I am tailing alert and messages files on both boxes. When I port scan from
> the internet side I get alerts on the firewall box but no alerts on the
> snort box. Any ideas for no alerts being logged to the snort box????

Try starting snort with just snort -c <your config path/file> and make
sure snort is seeing packets. Also, does the output of ifconfig show the
interface snort is listening on to be in promiscuous mode?

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