[Snort-users] LaBrea

Hugo Ferr snortgrp at ...125...
Fri Jun 7 13:45:02 EDT 2002

2 more questions:
1. I red some warning on LaBrea site that it may not relinquish public
addresses used for virtual host for some time.....have you had issues witht
2. Did you harden the LaBrea host machine i order to run LaBrea?? (I plan to
run it on Linux)

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> Hello Hugo,
> I am not exactly sure of point 1, but I don't think that it means Labrea
> rendered useless: Nessus, which custom-assembles packets, won't fall in
> LaBrea's tarpit, but this does not mean that Nimda/Codered/whatever won't
> glued down to the ground, since they all use the standard sockets API to
> attempt a normal TCP connection (no way to escape LaBrea if you don't use
> raw sockets).
> point 2 is not a concern: LaBrea has, for this exact purpose, 2 exclusion
> lists (/etc/LaBreaExclude and /etc/LaBreaHardExclude) in which you put
> addresses which might not be detected by LaBrea as being in use, but it
> NOT respond to or hard-capture. Just remember to update the file when you
> start using an IP.
> I'm a LaBrea user since last year and it has proven pretty nicely useful
> (and fun to watch!), kudos to Tom Liston for his excellent idea
> Ciao
> Gianluca
> (wow.... after 10 months of lurking I actually have something significant
> write :-) )
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> > My main concerns regarding the LaBrea are the followings:
> > 1. Nessus scanner has a setting "Scan for Labrea tarpitted hosts", and I
> > think I nessus knows how to bypass it so at least from that point of
> > nessus renders Labrea useless (just may guess, correctme if I wrong)
> > 2. LaBrea takes a hold of free addresses in ip range and maek them
> as
> > bogus virtual hosts. I have 3 devices assigned public ip address and 10
> > devices NATed from reserved IPs to Public IPs...how Labrea will figure
> > that there are NATed addresses on the subnet, cause if it won't figure
> > out then traffic will be 'redirected to Labrea instead of legal hosts.

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