[Snort-users] Multiple IP

Salvatore Basso sasab at ...5985...
Tue Jun 4 17:11:12 EDT 2002

Hello, thanks for the answer...
therefore I must modify the file snort.conf therefore:
var HOME_NET [ ip1, ip2 ]
excuse but I must makes an other question you, what you mean for:
NOT * on to switched ethernet port ? thanks.


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> Modify the HOME_NET variable in snort.conf, and make sure that you are
> *NOT* on a switched ethernet port.  (if you're switched, traffic for other
> machines won't show up on your ethernet port, so it won't matter how snort
> is configured.)
> That's all you should need to do on a *NIX setup, and I assume there's
> nothing extra for Win32, but that's a bit of a strange build that I've not
> used so I cannot speak conclusively on the matter.
> At 06:55 PM 5/31/2002 +0200, Salvatore Basso wrote:
> >Hi, I use the version for windows, and have the requirement of monitoring
> >more IP addresses, have read that it must modify the file of
> >but in which point? thanks.
> >
> >         -Salvatore.

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