[Snort-users] output options in barnyard

Steve Halligan giermo at ...187...
Wed Jul 31 15:09:03 EDT 2002

>Chris Eidem wrote:
>> I'm all confused, in barnyard.conf, alert_fast and log_pcap take an
>> filename as an argument, but docs/USAGE states they do not.  I'm
>> assuming that they don't since barnyard complains mightily if they're
>> there.  Ok, so I don't add a file name, but then, what is 
>written where?
>> I've looked in ./, /var/log, /var/log/snort, but no joy.
>The conf file is correct in this case.  What error is it 
>giving when you 
>specify a filename?

AlertFast is not getting added to the list correctly.

For some reason that is beyond me, even though alertfast is the first OP to
get added to the list, list->outputPlugin->name list the second one added.

The second one should be list->next->outputPlugin.

I'll keep looking


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