[Snort-users] FTP USER overflow attempt alerts, no logged packets.

Jim Burwell jimb at ...6373...
Wed Jul 31 14:09:02 EDT 2002

I'm getting the same behavior.  This rule will alert, but there will be 
on packet logs.  This is on a RH7.2 system running Snort 1.8.7 installed 
from the RH RPM (binary).  I'm starting snort with "/usr/sbin/snort -D 
-z -I -o -i eth1 -d -l /b/log -c /etc/snort/snort.conf".  The eth1 
interface is a 'stealth listen' set-up with no IP configured.  There 
doesn't seem to be any filesystem problems in the logging directory (out 
of inodes, etc).  Other rules are logging.  

This problem appeared when I upgraded from snort 1.8.6 to snort 1.8.7. 
 Seems to be a bug introduced into 1.8.7.  1.8.6 didn't have any of 
these packet logging problems for me.  I couldn't see anything in the 
conf file which would cause ftp rules not to be logged (no specially 
defined type w/ output option, etc).  So this appears to be a bug in 
snort, or perhaps the telnet_decode preprocessor which handles FTP 
sessions also.

- Jim

Dolfred Mascarenhas wrote:

>My snort alerted on the FTP user overflow attempt, as
>detailed below. On checking the logs, I observed that
>no packets were recorded for this alert, despite the
>large number of entries in the alerts file. Offensive
>packets were logged on all other alerts, but not this
>My Snort version is 1.8.7
>Any comments/ideas will be appreciated.
>[**] [1:1734:4] FTP USER overflow attempt [**]
>[Classification: Attempted Administrator Privilege
>Gain] [Priority: 1]
>07/29-10:04:20.610705 0:A0:8E:14:EC:E8 -> 0:0:C:7:AC:0
>type:0x800 len:0xAA
>x.x.x.x:1349 -> x.x.x.x:21 TCP TTL:240 TOS:0x10 ID:0
>IpLen:20 DgmLen:156
>***AP*** Seq: 0xC7BB95C1 Ack: 0xC7BB95C1 Win: 0x0
>TcpLen: 20
>[Xref => http://www.securityfocus.com/bid/4638] [Snort
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