[Snort-users] packet.dll troubles

KEITH BURTON firesign1998 at ...131...
Tue Jul 30 12:38:02 EDT 2002

I am kind of new to this whole thing so excuse me if I
sound too offbeat. 

I am trying to install the windows port of snort ver
1.8.7. It seems like everything is working okay except
that snort has will not see packet.dll although I have
installed the latest edition of winpcap (2_3). I have
confirmed that the file was installed into the system
32 directory of my Winnt folder. 

the error message claims that it cannot find it in
that directory but it does in-fact reside there. I
have read numerous report on the packet.dll buffer
being too small out of the box. Is there anybody out
there who has this problem and has a fix or can
anybody give me some advice besides running unix.

Thanks in advance for all your help:


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