[Snort-users] I need help with network address setup

Steve Jacobsen steve at ...6480...
Tue Jul 30 06:49:03 EDT 2002

Here's the basic setup.

Internet -- Router -- Hub -- Firewall -- Switch -- Internal hosts

I have the snort machine plugged into the hub inbetween the router and
firewall. I'm just assuming that my configuration file or command line
is wrong.

Here is my command line C:\Snort\snort.exe -c "C:\Snort\snort.conf" -l
"C:\Snort\log" -A full -h xxx.xxx.xxx.64/27 -i 1 -a -d


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Hey Steve, 

Could you tell us a little more about your config. If, for instance,
your network is using 3com switches and you have your sensor plugged
into the switch with no taps / span configs you won't be receiving
traffic for the network on the sensor. :)

Now, the above is (of course) purely hypothetical (and I'm sure this
isn't the case), but without an idea of the physical layout (whether the
IDS is inline or SPAN'd etc) and anything else pertinent to dumping
traffic on the segment(s), we (well certainly I) can't be of much use.

Kind Regards, 

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