[Snort-users] Problems with ACID

Eduard San Anselmo esananselmo at ...6002...
Mon Jul 29 04:18:02 EDT 2002

Hi everyone,
I installed Snort-postgresql from the rpm and found no problem, but when 
I try to start the ACID main page, http://localhost/acid/acid_main.php, 
I get the following message:

*The underlying database snort at ...274... appears to be incomplete/invalid*
*Database ERROR:*PQsendQuery() -- There is no connection to the backend.

It might be an older version. Only alert databases created by Snort 
1.7-beta0 or later are supported

The thing is that I used the /create_postgresql/ script that came along 
with snort-1.8.7.tar.gz to create the database, so the schema should be 
Does anybody know what I made wrong?
Thanks a lot.

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