[Snort-users] Semi-automatic notification email generator for Snort?

Ian Webb iwebb at ...6468...
Sun Jul 28 09:31:03 EDT 2002

I'm looking for a tool that can parse my Snort logs and plug log
excerpts into a form letter with the proper abuse address from WHOIS.
I'm not going to send them automatically - I want to review them first -
but a tool with a 'report this incident' button would be ideal. I also
need incident tracking that would tell me when new incidents involving
an IP I reported some time ago are detected. I suppose if there's no
tool out there I could modify SnortSnarf, but I really don't want to
have to do that if there's already a tool like this out there. Also,
SnortSnarf won't track incidents. Would my best bet be to run reports
out of a database? Thanks.
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