[Snort-users] minimum requirements?

Neal Hamilton nealhamiltonjr at ...131...
Sat Jul 27 14:02:02 EDT 2002

I cant find any documentation on what would be a starting point for cpu/mem 
requirements. The machines spare machines i have rummaged up for this 
project are the following:

1. The sensor that will be running snort (266mhz pent2 with 396meg ram).
     The sensor is on a ipf/openbsd bridge with 3 interfaces. 2 of the 
interfaces will be in bridge mode with no ip address. Of the 2 stealth 
interfaces only one, the one connected to the cable modem, will be running 
as a snort sensor and  will have no firewall rules associated with it as i 
want to see everything and filtering would make the snort sensor usless. 
The other stealth interface will be connected to the nat router from my lan 
and will not be a sensor but will have some filters applied to it.

Is the above acceptable for a cable modem 10/100 network?

2. The PureSecure Console running mysql and apache. note: server will not 
be running snort, the main sensor is the box mentioned above. The machine i 
have picked up for this is a (500mhz amd with 256 megs of pc-100 ram and a 
80gig ata100 hd.) is this enough power for currently one sensor and maybe 
another latter?

The OS i have chosen for the sensor (bridge) is OpenBSD 3.1.
The OS i have chosen for the Mysql database and apache server is Redhat 
linux 7.2, because there will be another app running on this box that only 
runs on rdh linux...so i have to use it. The app does not use much 
cpu/memory sometime i cant even tell its running because it has such a 
small foot print.

Any advice, help, guidance would be appreciated.

Have a great day.

Neal Hamilton

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