[Snort-users] RE: var HOME_NET and rule updates

Daniel Lopez dlopez at ...6134...
Fri Jul 26 09:32:02 EDT 2002

Thanks for your help! :)

> > Last question [sorry! :( ], I downloaded last version 1.8.7 and the
> > snort rulesets.
> > My question is how do I update rules?
> By hand.  The hard way.
> Once you start customizing the rules to work for you, it gets
> real hard to update the rules.
> I used to do it by hand, no I use Demarc Puresecure (a
> commercial product)
> and it updates rules automagically.

Because I'm testing Snort, I think I will let the rules as they are. I
won't customize them or comment such or such rule in the rule file.
Thus, if I want to use the new rulesets, do I have to copy all the new
rules inside the default directory or only change the RULE_PATH


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