[Snort-users] stripped-down snort/mysql for newbie

joe van alias at ...6459...
Thu Jul 25 17:29:12 EDT 2002

Hello, all.  I got the IDS R&D project at work and I figured that the pig was just as good as any commercial distribution w/o having to spend 20 large.  

I'm trying to get Snort installed/configured on a pair of pc's running RH 7.2 Linux.  Now, I know there is an installation guide for RH 7.2 in the Snort docs, but I think it might be getting in the way of my basic understanding of what Snort does.  I just wanna set up the sensor on one machine, the mysql db on the other, and that's it.  

I'd love to add in some of the other bells n' whistles ...later.  Now I just wanna see how the basic product works w/o the Acid, webmin, apache, and so on.  

Is there a doc for such a stripped-down install, or can I merely disregard all the references to the other goodies in the doc?


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