[Snort-users] FreeBSD or NetBSD for a sensor

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Thu Jul 25 11:26:03 EDT 2002

Personal preference, really.  I haven't done any metrics, but I can say with some degree of certainty that the difference between any *BSD is sure to be negligible.  OpenBSD is probably the crowd favorite, mainly because it's easy to strip down and secure as hell with minimal tinkering.  Speed might be a debatable topic, if we were talking *BSD vs. [Insert MS Crap Operating System Here], but since we're not...

Why not try 'em all and see what you like?  It won't cost you anything!

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> Subject: [Snort-users] FreeBSD or NetBSD for a sensor
> No OS wars please. Just real advice and logic.
> Which OS would be ideal? I can use either. I am comfortable 
> with either.
> Didn't some make a claim that FreeBSD has faster stack?
> I am aware that OpenBSD is secure and every line of code reviewed...
> -spyguy
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