[Snort-users] FTP invalid MODE

Matt Kettler mkettler at ...4108...
Thu Jul 25 10:47:03 EDT 2002

There's nothing invalid about MODE B. Thats the RFC compliant way of 
requesting block mode transfer.



          The argument is a single TELNET character code specifying the
          data transfer modes described in the Section on Transmission
          Modes.  The following codes are assigned for transfer modes:

             S - Stream
             B - Block
             C - Compressed

Binary transfers are a type, not a mode, and in RFC language, its Image, 
not binary :)

So it sounds like your FTP server only supports stream mode, which is OK 
since support for block and compressed mode is optional.

At 11:38 AM 7/25/2002 -0400, larosa, vjay wrote:
>Periodically I recieve FTP invalid MODE events. When I look at the packet
>payload I see this.
>Any body know what is causing this? I searched around on google but didn't
>have any luck. I thought
>maybe it had something to do with a shortcut meaning use binary mode, but
>obviosly my FTP servers
>don't like that.
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