[Snort-users] newbie configuration issues

John Sage jsage at ...2022...
Thu Jul 25 08:03:02 EDT 2002

On Wed, Jul 24, 2002 at 10:18:17PM -0400, Paul Greene wrote:
> At 10:14 PM 7/23/2002 -0700, John Sage wrote:
> >How do you have $HOME_NET and $EXTERNAL_NET set?
> Maybe it would be good to work out this $HOME_NET and $EXTERNAL_NET aspect 
> first before getting into more esoteric stuff.

Paul: try watching the packets passing through this box with tcpdump
or some-such, and assign $HOME_NET base upon the destination IP you

This will stumble over the possibility/probability that your IP is not
static: when your ISP assigns you a new one (DHCP most likely..) then
something will break.

Assuming this helps in the first place :-/

- John
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