[Snort-users] RE: error configuring Run as Service for snort

Michael Steele michaels at ...155...
Tue Jul 23 11:49:03 EDT 2002


Try this:

C:\Snort>snort /SERVICE/INSTALL -c c:\snort\snort.conf -l c:\snort\logs

Make sure you are in the snort folder when you execute this command.


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Subject: error configuring Run as Service for snort

Michael, I get the following error when I try to configure snort to run
a service following your instructions

C:\Snort>snort/SERVICE/INSTALL -c c:\snort\snort.conf -l c:\snort\logs

Format for command line variable definitions is:
 -S var=value
Fatal Error, Quitting..

I have tried using lowercase /service/install and snort does start but
is still not running as a service

any idea what the problem is ?

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