[Snort-users] How to run snort with -g and -u flags

Tim Goodwin jaguar_fresh at ...131...
Tue Jul 23 09:03:03 EDT 2002

Hi all
I run the snort 1.8.7 on OpenBSD. I created user snort
and I run snort with -g snort -u snort. I update rules
with the oinkmaster which is run out of snort user
crontab everyday. I have problem I hope you can help.
snort users crontab oinkmaster gets new rules and work
fine, at end of crontab I restart snort with kill -HUP
`cat /var/run/snortpid` but it say I not root so I
cant sniff. Which is true, I not root, I snort at that
time. How I get around this? Also another thing...I
start snort from the rc.local file but snort start as
root and only root can read /var/run/snortpid file so
I have to manual chmod it to have snort user read it.
What do people do to work with these problems. thank
you for your time


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