[Snort-users] "react" option error

Matt Kettler mkettler at ...4108...
Mon Jul 22 09:48:03 EDT 2002

 From the FAQ:

5.6 --faq-- --snort-- --faq-- --snort-- --faq-- --snort-- --faq--
Q: Snort complains about the "react" keyword...

A: Rerun configure with the --enable-flexresp option and rebuild/reinstall.

if you're using pre-compiled binaries, download a flexresp build.

React is not a "normal" feature of snort, it's an optional feature.

At 12:00 AM 7/22/2002 -0700, funky wrote:

>I wanna block some requests using "react" option but
>snort strangely don't know this option. I searched
>many times to manuals again and again, in all manuals
>"react" option is available. So how can it be that my
>snort 1.8.7 , don't know that "react" option??!?!
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