[Snort-users] snort and windows 2000

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This is windows "./" will only confuse the poor thing. Try ".\" instead
(example: .\snort -v)
ntwdblib.dll comes with the MsSQL client. Make sure you have it
installed if you are going to use the MsSQL database output plug-in.
I don't recognize wncap.dll but I do recognize wpcap.dll, it is part of
the winpcap package.
You must have winpcap installed. Go here to get it

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I am trying to set up Snort 1.8.7 with windows 2000 and service pack 2.
I cannot get it to run.  I keep getting errors:

I am getting the *.dll errors cannot find ntwdblib.dll or I get cannot
find wncap.dll
If I run a command (example: ./snort -v)I get the error:

command is not recognizable

Can you please just tell me what to download, what version?  What do I
need to set up Snort?  I have Visio 2000 Enterprise which loads MSSQL

Also I have all of the latest Microsoft hotfixes and security patches.



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