[Snort-users] windows 2000 pro

Rich Adamson radamson at ...2127...
Sun Jul 21 19:55:02 EDT 2002

I installed the same (v1.8.7 and v2.3) and had problems with the winpcap v2.3
drivers. I removed v2.3 and reinstalled and earlier version, and all is well
on Win2k Pro. (It is my opinion the winpcap v2.3 had a conflict with some of
the other special nic card drivers that I have to use. I've not heard of
anyone else having the same problem as I did. Winpcap v2.3 caused Win2k Pro
to crash on about the second alert generated.)

> i installed snort 1.8.7 and winpcap 2.3 for windows 2000 professional but it don't work 
because one dll is missing.
> Anybody install this on windows 2000 professionnel and tell me if he or she saw the same 
problem like me and resolv it

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