[Snort-users] RE: Snort-1.8.7 detection problems

chae chae at ...6316...
Sat Jul 20 14:43:03 EDT 2002

Hi Yah,

Wojtek stated...

"..Compilation, etc, seem to be ok. There's no different version of pcap. 
Effect is that i get only icmp (not firewall problem) captured packets. I 
can say that my previous version of snort had no problems with tcp/icmp, 
but was similar problem with udp. This is not a problem of sql too, because 
normal logging give the same. This is strange for me that every version of 
snort has problems in my case with capturing specific protocol. Any ideas 
will be appreciated."

This is the same problem I've been plagued with, even after numerous 
reinstalls, force installs and using the latest rule sets etc.

I'd appreciate any suggestions also.



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