[Snort-users] ACID and archive database

Jon Hart jhart at ...2692...
Fri Jul 19 18:48:03 EDT 2002

> I have been running into similar problems.  When moving/archiving or even if
> I am deleting, the first screen moves over just fine, but the second time
> around they do not.   The "ODD" workaround I have been compelled to resort
> to is after an archive/move/delete or whatever else it may be, I then click
> on "HOME" to go back to the start page of ACID and then go back in and
> move/archive another batch.  This seems to work but might not be the answer
> most people are looking for.  Sure that someone is going to see this and
> have a more substantial and acceptable answer

Does this behavior happen only with archives, or does it always happen?
More recent versions of PHP have global variables disabled by default for
security reasons. ACID needs these on too work properly.  See:


The archive function for me flat out does not work.  When I upgraded to
php-4.2.1, ACID broke and I couldn't figure out what was wrong 'til I RTFF.  


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