[Snort-users] inside or outside

Seth L. Thomas s.thomas4 at ...5068...
Fri Jul 19 13:33:03 EDT 2002

"McCammon, Keith" wrote:

> Have you considered a honeypot?  Granted, there is a fair amount or research 
> and responsibility involved, but if you feel comfortable and know what you're 
> doing, then a honeypot is an excellent way to learn without putting your own 
> data at risk.

I've considered setting up a honeypot but not before I learn alot more than
what I know now. It's a tremendous responsibility considering if not setup
properly could backfire. 

For now, though, what I plan on doing is punching a hole through the
firewall to a common port like portmapper (111) then placing something on
it that'll allow the port to appear open like running nc -l -p 111 -v along
with snort and seeing what I capture.

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