[Snort-users] Win32 - libpcap questrion

Hicks, John JHicks at ...5857...
Fri Jul 19 07:28:14 EDT 2002

yuppers, I consistantly run multiple snort nodes on a single machine as well
as various tools requiring WinPCap congruently with my snort nodes no probs.


John Hicks

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On Thu, 18 Jul 2002, Anonymous - Mike wrote:

> Can you use the same monitor port, NIC, and libpcap instance to run two
> sniffers at once?  For example, running Snort and Ntop at the same time,
> or would you need two NICs?

On a *nix system, you can use two sniffers at once.

On a Win32 system?  Err......  Ummmm.....  No idea. :)  But logic says
"perhaps".  :)

Erek Adams

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