[Snort-users] ACID - Unable to display page on ACID event delete

Pacheco, Michael F. MPacheco at ...6219...
Fri Jul 19 07:03:20 EDT 2002

snort 1.8.6
ACID 0.9.6b20
apache 1.3.26, mod_ssl 2.8.9
php 4.2.1
phplot 4.4.6
mysql 3.23.49

The whole install of all the about (except OS) was from source - everything
is working fine with one exception.  Snort outputs to mysql great - ACID
picks everything up and displays great - except when it comes to any queries
- I then get intermittent "Page cannot be displayed" on acid_qry_form.php
the second I click the button to submit the delete or query (No - Refresh
just displays the blank query form).  I've narrowed it down to a browser
issue.  My NT management box running I.E. 6.0 displays this issue all the
time.  My Linux management box running Netscape 4.6 does not seem to have an
issue, all the queries and deletes run great.

I turned up php's debugging all the way and both browsers display the same
Notice:'s but nothing beyond that.  My IE is set up with the lowest security
settings for internal use only, and the ACID site is set in my IE browser to
always accept cookies. PHP.ini is set also "PHP variables register_globals =
On and register_argc_argv = On in the php.ini"

Besides the obvious "Don't use Micro$oft products" has anybody seen this
issue with ACID and a browser yet?

Thanks - Cheers


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