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If you do a Sonrt -W what do you get?
Grab a copy of Windump and run that and see if you can see packets
Make sure you have the latest release of Snort
Remove all of WinPcap 2.3 and use the one from our site. Be sure to
reboot after removal. There should be no difference but I've had reports
of similar problems
If that all fails try removing WinPcap and going back a version to 2.2
of WinPcap (search goggle?)
Note: If you are running a dual processor, you  MUST disable one

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something is wrong with my snort install, I get the error:
> Initializing Network Interface
> ERROR: OpenPcap() device open:
> Error opening adapter
> Fatal Error, Quitting..
 I have the latest version of winpcap installed.
if i change is to "snort -i 2" it gives me a no interface error, and the
"snort -i 1" gives me the error OpenPcap()..
I am really a newbie at this but maybe this might be a common error with
a quick solution. I am thinking that it is not liking the defaulted
interface but I do not know much about how to change it or even know
what the good interface is called..  
win2k server, snort 1.8.7, winpcap 2.3, 3com 10/100 etherlink XL
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