Out of Office AutoReply: [Snort-users] Signature Database is Gone [OT or Administrivia?]

Moyer, Shawn SMoyer at ...5894...
Thu Jul 18 11:57:06 EDT 2002

As an aside, here at my company we have the auto-reply stuff configured at
the server level to work on internal mails only. Out-of-office replies to
external parties make you a sitting duck for social engineering. Suprising
that this hasn't occured to folks who are subscribed to a security mailing


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> Sent: Thursday, July 18, 2002 11:01
> To: Claude Bailey
> Cc: Snort
> Subject: OT: Re: Out of Office AutoReply: [Snort-users] Signature
> Database is Gone
> Claude, I'll re-itterate my request that you configure your 
> vacation rules 
> to not auto-reply to mailing list postings and only respond to email 
> directly addressed to you. Responding to mailing list posts 
> is generally 
> considered to be quite rude, and I'd rather not have to start 
> refusing your 
> mail at the SMTP layer.
> I'm CCing the list because the snort users list is by far the 
> worst list I 
> subscribe to as far as vacation-rule autoresponders. Get a 
> clue people, 
> autorespond to emails addressed to you, and ignore anything 
> addressed to 
> anyone else that gets delivered to you. This prevents all kinds of 
> annoyances like responding to emails addressed to your mailing lists, 
> prevents some of the easier cases of mail-looping, doesn't 
> auto-reply to 
> most spam so you don't get a pile of undeliverables, and is not a 
> complicated thing to do.
> I really enjoy helping people out, but it annoys me when half 
> the postings 
> I make to the list get some braindead vacation rule responding to it.
> At 10:35 AM 7/18/2002 -0500, Claude Bailey wrote:
> >  Out of office, returning the 19th
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