[Snort-users] ICMP Ping NMAP

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Wed Jul 17 11:02:05 EDT 2002

It still strikes me as odd becuase the TTL values are all starting and 7 and
working there
way down. I stop seeing them after the TTL gets to 3. When I figure it out I
will send an


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I think a lot of instant messengers use it as a heartbeat mechanism, just a
theory but I've been seeing a lot of it lately as well in deployments at
corporate sites.  The rule is really just looking for an ICMP PING with a
0-byte payload, the msg field for that rule should probably be updated.


On 7/17/02 12:47 PM, "larosa, vjay" <larosa_vjay at ...3331...> wrote:

> Hello,
> Does anybody know of tools other than Nmap that will set off the ICMP Ping
> NMAP signature? I am seeing lots
> of these events, the odd thing though is the TTL values are starting at
> around 7 and decrementing for each subsequent
> packet. I am going to play with nmap to see if this is consistent. I
> I would throw this out there to see if anybody
> else has come across this one. Thanks!
> vjl
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