[Snort-users] ACID - acknowledgement of events ?

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Wed Jul 17 09:02:06 EDT 2002

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Do you archive already seen interesting events and
perform correlations in archive ?
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Thats exactly how I manage mine. Investigate, Email (if required), move to
Archive for correlation.

This is an area where I would like to see alot of developemt happen. In
perticular, even though ACID has native support for an archive, there's no
real way to view it. I end up creating a copy of ACID in /acid/archive and
changing the default db to snort_archive. Better integration might also
provide a way to check if an IP causing an new alert is listed in the

some thoughts,

John Hicks

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Hi I use Snort + ACID for some time and I would like
to know how you deal with "acknowledged" events. 
Let's say I have couple of events that I have already
saw and I prefer not delete them for future
analysis/comparsion etc. But very soon I have a lot of
such events and I'm becoming lost.
Does ACID have something like "read/unread" events
Do you archive already seen interesting events and
perform correlations in archive ? 

Petr R.

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