[Snort-users] ACID and archive database

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I have been running into similar problems.  When moving/archiving or even if
I am deleting, the first screen moves over just fine, but the second time
around they do not.   The "ODD" workaround I have been compelled to resort
to is after an archive/move/delete or whatever else it may be, I then click
on "HOME" to go back to the start page of ACID and then go back in and
move/archive another batch.  This seems to work but might not be the answer
most people are looking for.  Sure that someone is going to see this and
have a more substantial and acceptable answer

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Hi list

I have a working snort 1.8.6 that outputs to a mysql database. To
analyse the alerts i use acid-0.9.6b21. When i try to move alerts, for
the first time in a session, to the archive database, all the alerts are
moved fine. But if i try to move say 500 alerts after i moved the first
ones, the alert database says it moved the 500 alerts, but the archive
database only shows about 100 new ones.

I created the DB's exactly with the same script that comes with snort

What can possibly be wrong?

Thanks in advance

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