[Snort-users] very small problem in win2k/acid

Zach Forsyth zach.forsyth at ...6337...
Wed Jul 17 00:38:04 EDT 2002

hey there,
I am new to the world of snort and have installed it on a win2k machine
with mysql, acid etc.
Now it seems to work just fine apart from when I start to drill down
into the database in the acid web interface.
It seems to display half the page sometimes and then just stops half way
through drawing a table and displays:
Database ERROR:
Database ERROR:Access denied for user: 'snort at ...274...' to database

I have played around with setting localhost to in the acid and
snort config files but that doesn't seem to make a lot of difference.

Has anyone got any specific advice for win2k install?

thanks in advance



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