[Snort-users] ACID - strange error

Cloppert, Michael Michael.Cloppert at ...5884...
Tue Jul 16 13:11:03 EDT 2002

When I attempt to graph in ACID, I get an image with the following text, and
nothing else:
"No array of data in $data_values"

This function was working earlier today, and to be honest I'm not sure what
I did between then and now to screw things up.  There ARE alerts in the
database in the time/date range I'm attempting to graph, and my phplot test
page works just fine, so I'm sure that's not it.  I've tried restarting all
of my respective daemons, just in case (mysql, apache, shut down snort
sensor), but to no avail.  Has anyone seen this error before, and have any
idea how to correct it?  Please help!  Thanks!


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